Mercedes GP; Better, But Still Not Up To Pace

This past weekend, Mercedes GP gave Michael Schumacher a decent car to drive.  Finally able to get back to their team headquarters, the Mercedes team was able to make a number of modifications to the car which was severely lacking over the last four races.  Even in the hands of a driver like Schumacher, the car was well off the pace of series leaders Red Bull Racing, McLaren and Ferrari.

Although its straight line speed is still lacking, it was nice to see Schumacher finally able to put in a competitive drive at this past weekend's Spanish Grand Prix.  With improved handling to reduce under-steer and better grip in the corners, Schumacher was able to pull off a fourth place finish last weekend, although the pace of the car meant that his time was 62 seconds behind first place.

With the Monaco Grand Prix just days away, it will be interesting to see what further improvements Ross Brawn can get into the vehicle.  All the new chassis needs is more speed, and I think we'll see the Michael Schumacher we've all been looking for.