Happy New Year

At the close of this rather interesting year of 2010, I have to look back and can only really wonder at it's meaning.

For the many things I comment on in this blog, it has been quite an interesting year.  From controversies and drama in F1 (of course, there's always drama in F1, second in intensity only to middle school politics) to the politics of "green" as it relates to the world of automobiles and to my own adventures between travel and searching for a new car.  There were a number of memories from camping trips (cloudy though the memories may be in some cases) and a few gigs here and there.  There were also a number of low points, as if to punctuate the high points of the year.  No matter how I look at it; it was all quite interesting.

What does it all mean?  Who knows.  I can only really say this; I hope (we all) have a happy new year in 2011.