Make it a double.

The commute, that is.  Not something I would normally want doubled.  There's very little like a 55 mile commute in what is effectively blizzard conditions.  Thank goodness for using a Jeep Wrangler (of the TJ variety) as a winter daily driver.  Oh, and having properly aggressive tires as well.  The proper vehicle and setup can make a drive like today almost safe, if still not entirely advisable.

Here was the view out my windshield;

Actually, that's not entirely accurate ... I managed to catch this as my wiper went down and it left the windshield quite clear for that moment; whereas most of the time it wasn't nearly so convenient.  Fortunately the road was moving quite slowly this morning, so catching a picture like this was at least possible (and safe, for those wondering; I had plenty of following distance given the ludicrously slow speed we were traveling).

While I love winter, and do not mind driving in the snow, I have to admit that commuting in this weather is anything but pleasant.  Today would have been a fantastic day to take the family skiing.