Looking Forward to CWI 2011

View of Ian's sailboat from the campsite

Another summer is before us and another trip Camping With Ian is before me. 

Something I look forward to every year is this annual camping trip.  This isn't the only camping trip I will make this year, but it's the one that tends to be the most memorable.  Whether it's because we have terrible weather or ridiculous adventures, there are always tales to tell.

So this year we are once again going to Umbagog Lake in northern New Hampshire.  We always grab a remote campsite (sites which are only accessible from the water).  Ian takes his Thistle sailboat, Joe takes his skiff and some of us usually reserve a ride to the site on the camp launch in order to ensure that those on the boats aren't Dangerously Overloaded anymore.  In all, this is one of the high points of the summer.

I love winter, but once this trip is scheduled, I am looking forward to the arrival of summer.