Hotels Are Boring When Alone

Yes, I stayed at a Hilton.  Yes, I like staying at nice hotels; when my family is with me.  But, apparently, not so much when I'm traveling alone.

I can't get myself to enjoy most of the amenities of the hotel.  I'm sure a lot of that has to do with my work schedule; 12 hour shifts and 1.5+ hours of commute each way (and this was pretty much the closest hotel I could get to work).  At 15+ hours a day taken up with work and at least an hour before and after that leave me just 7 hours of time for sleep.  That makes for a long and difficult trip.

But there are still occasional days off (sort of) and the hotel has a pool and gym as well as a very nice restaurant and bar.  Nope, not using any of them.  On the day that I was stuck waiting to go to work (switching from day to night shift) when I had a little free time I didn't go anywhere near them either.  I watched a little TV, got disgusted at the drivel on in the afternoon and went in to work three hours early.  Now, you know you're bored when you decide to go in to work three hours early just because.

Were my family with me I am absolutely certain we would be eating at the restaurant and swimming in the pool if not every day, most days.  The site the hotel is on is rather pretty as well and the pond has numerous ducks in it.  My girls would no doubt want to walk around the pond and see the ducks (and feed the ducks, and take them home for pets if I'd let them) but I cannot find time for any of it.

Without question I find luxurious travel to be more enjoyable when I have someone with which to share the experience.  About half way through my trip I came to the conclusion that I'd rather have an RV (preferably an overland RV, of course) and park someplace a few hours closer to where I was working.  Maybe then I'd have some time to read, too.