On The Upside

Hard to tell in the picture, but it's raining rather hard
Well, on the upside with all the rain and the forecast for the tropical storm (nee Hurricane Irene) everything is closed today.  This means even the churches have canceled services and as a result our street is free of speeders.

Yes, those statements, as illogical as it may seem, are connected.  There are multiple churches in town and our street is used as a shortcut to avoid Main Street.  In the process the number of people going 45+ MPH (the limit is 25) in order to get the church on time is really rather amusing.  Sardonically amusing, perhaps, but amusing none the less.

Apparently it's better to risk a speeding ticket and endanger the residents along the streets than it is to be late for church.  I can only imagine that leaving on time might be a better solution; but really, what could I possibly be thinking?  Speeding is clearly the preferred solution. 

But today as we sit here lashed with rain and awaiting the tropical storm to pass our way (still many miles south of us as I write this) there are no cars speeding down the street.

Large regional weather emergencies are probably not the ideal solution to the problem, but at least today it's quite convenient.