Support The Local Music Scene

Copyright BOI, 2012
What happened to the music?  Too many people forgot where it came from!  Great music still exists and it thrives far closer to home than you might imagine.

We all need to support the local scene.  Doesn't matter what style of music you like, your "demographic," your age or what you think your age means (I'm too old, I can't go to concerts anymore; nonsense).  In order to keep the music alive, we all need to support the local music scene.

Too much music has become nothing more than a product.  Formulaic at best and sold for what the artist looks like rather than for their talent.  That's mainstream music and what the big record companies think they can make the most money on in the shortest amount of time.  It's insulting

Take the local scene, however, and you find something completely different.  There are many very talented musicians who still write and play from the heart to bring you great music and fun nights out.  These musicians and bands give so much more than the mainstream plastic performers put up on stage by the big record companies.  There are far too many examples of great local bands to even begin listing them here, but all you have to do is look through the What's Happening section of your local newspaper to find tons of listings for live music.

Myself I try to make it out to see Lady Murasaki whenever I can.  I love their music, every member of the band is a great person and very talented and I'd love to see them make it "big" (whatever that really means these days, I'm not entirely sure anymore).  I'll support them on that journey however I can.

So let's take this as a call to ears (not arms, that wouldn't make any sense).  Go out and find a local band that you really like, support them, and help spread the word that live music from truly talented musicians isn't dead.  It's there to be listened to if only we would all get off the couch and go out and be part of something.