Blues on a Saturday Night

Photo by Chris Russo

Travel?  No, not really.  Adventure?  Of a certain variety, definitely, but I'm not sure it's what I meant when I named this blog.  It's definitely not rallying.  So it must fit into the category of adventure ... some how.

Last Saturday (the 4th) I played a gig with The Gary Wilson Blues Project, the blues guitarist I have been working with for a few years now (after almost a decade of hiatus, since we had worked together back in 1998 or so).

It's a great time, and Gary does some really fun music; boogie blues, Texas blues and a lot of Chicago styles.  Oh, and we do a few J. Geils tunes as well.  We had an audience of around a hundred people there this weekend, not too bad considering it was a holiday.

With that gig behind us, we're looking forward to the next, which hopefully will be coming soon.  I have to say, I am quite happy to be back to gigging semi-regularly.  It's nice to play again.

I should get something like a VW Microbus to haul everything for gigs; then posts about gigging would definitely fall into the category of adventure.  Hmm, something to consider.