The FIA and Ferrari Comedy Act

Ferrari team principals went in front of the FIA to answer for using team orders, which are not permitted, in Alonso's controversial win at the German Grand Prix this year.  Ferrari was fined $100,000 at the time, and referred to the World Motor Sport Council for further review.  Ferrari has been completely unrepentant, even threatening legal action against the FIA should they punish the team any more.

Well, Ferrari got their way.

Pretty pathetic really.  Ferrari flaunts the rules, does whatever they want, and get away with it (a $100,000 fine in Formula 1 is less than a slap on the wrist).  Why did the FIA even bother with the dog and pony show of having Ferrari come before the Council?   It's events like this which harm the credibility of the FIA and reputation of Formula 1.

It's also events like this that make me wonder why I watch F1.  In the past it was because BMW was one of the teams (and I am a BMW fanatic), and before that, Jaguar (less of a fanatic, but I still really like Jags, even if the team was actually Cosworth powered); but now with Jaguar and BMW having left the sport, why do I bother?