First snow fall for 2010

No, it wasn't a lot, nor do I expect there will be anything on the ground at all, but this morning when I left for work, it was snowing.

This is my favourite time of year; October.  The air is getting crisp, we see just a little snow in the air occasionally and I'm (usually) still driving the car and have not had to switch into the Jeep.  I'm a firm believer in using a 4x4 for winter driving.  The ground clearance and four wheel drive is important in a part of the world where we routinely get 12"(+) of snow in one storm and where the roads aren't cleared quickly or regularly.  While I much prefer the drive-ability of a car, and the fuel economy is far better, when it comes to safety that trumps all other considerations.

So for now I will still drive the car as much as possible, but soon, it will be time to garage the cars for the winter and move to driving the Jeep full time.