Time For A New Name?

Yeah, it was time for a new name. 

Why?  I couldn't figure out how playing in a band and writing and recording music quite fit into the topics of Travel, Adventure and Rallying. Easy solution; change the name just a little bit.

So I decided to start chronicling the effort of playing, writing and recording with two bands and teaching a little bass along the way.  What two bands, you ask?   I am still very happy to be playing bass for the Gary Wilson Blues Project and gigging around the north central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire areas as well as working on getting my album rerecorded and released finally.  I guess that counts as one band and one semi sorta kinda solo project.  Oh, and teaching.  I have been working on a curriculum for teaching bass to new students and I have recently started teaching my daughter how to play bass (building on her already established violin skills).  For most of my life music has been a central theme in my life, and I cannot think of anything more enjoyable than passing that love along to another.

Working with Gary I will be able to write about what it's like in a working blues band.  We play bars, restaurants and parties and have a lot of fun along the way.  Gary is a great guitarist who cut his teeth playing with J. Geils after the J. Geils Band broke up, and before J. went to playing with Blues Time.  Before I started playing with Gary's band I knew and enjoyed the blues, but I sure played it in a way that could really only be described as wrong.  It's been quite an "education" playing with real blues-men.

On my own I still have my progressive rock project.  I am currently working on rerecording all the old songs that I wrote back in the late 80s and early 90s.  This is more an compulsion than an actual need, I will freely admit, but I would like to see decent versions of those songs finally completed.  I went into the studio with my old band (called Xion, for the three people in the world that still remember) and we produced an awful piece of "that'll do" which was never fit for release.  Time to fix that, so that I may move on and record the new material that I have been working on.

As a third thought I am working with a composer of eclectic electronic music from Massachusetts who is working on his first formal CD.  He's released a number of tracks over the years, but has never built a compilation into a formal release.  It's been interesting working with him on the project and I will be playing bass for that effort.

 A combination of working in a blues band and writing progressive rock and laying down bass lines for a composer.  It is an adventure in its own right, and I couldn't ask for more creative outlet if I had to.

So here it is ... Adventures, Motors and Music ...