Nice To Have The Car Back.

I've been driving the Jeep for a few months now and as a commuter car it's quite rough.  Offroading?  Excellent.  Overlanding?  Quite a good choice.  Driving ~120 miles per day on the commute?  Maybe not so much. 

I usually store the cars for the winter.  SUVs are better at handling the rough roads that New Hampshire dishes out for most of January through April and I like having wheels and tires that can handle the abuse.  Last year I hit a couple of pot holes that did around $2000 damage to my car's front suspension (a six inch deep pothole at 40 MPH will do that to most cars).  After that I stayed in the Jeep until the roads smoothed out, and I was intending on doing the same thing this year. 

Driving back from the shop with the car yesterday, however, I changed my mind; a little bit anyway.  I have been mapping out a couple of alternative routes to try and find the smoothest roads so I can spend at least some of the time in the car.  It'll be nice to have a little more comfort on the long commute.

So I will most switch back to the BMW now that I have it home again.  Well, except for snow storms; there are few vehicles better for driving to work in a blizzard than a Jeep Wrangler.  Might not be comfortably warm, but it can get through almost anything.  I will be driving the BMW on Monday and maybe Tuesday but when the blizzard hits on Wednesday, I'll be in the Jeep (then back in the car as soon as possible there after).

Safe driving to everyone; there are more blizzards on the way and it's not looking like it's letting up anytime soon.