A Winter Car From ... Ferrari?

Ok, this is a little mind blowing.  Ferrari is developing (and releasing, I assume) an all wheel drive "shooting brake".  A four seat sports car with enough headroom and legroom in the back for someone to actually sit there.  For people like me who think the shooting brake is one of the greatest car designs ever, this is fantastic.

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Great looking car too.  I am not a huge fan of Ferraris, mostly on the basis that the Formula 1 team the company revolves around acts like a bunch of spoiled children most of the time, but they do develop some absolutely wonderful cars.  No idea yet what the cost will be, but since all four seat Ferraris depreciate rather instantly, perhaps these will be available on the used market for a decent price in, oh, say, twenty years or so.

I'd drive this car all winter ... and that seems to be what it's designed for judging from this video.


Absolutely epic.  Here's the link to the Jalopnic article where I read about this (which has more pictures and some more information).