AidanLee Is Dead, Long Live AidanLee

For many years now my company, AidanLee, has had quite a few personalities; technical services, web site development, business development and it was also to be the business umbrella for my rally team; ideas ranging from consulting to music to motorsport.  Quite a diverse set of tasks for one company.  Well, that's all changed now.  As of this week, AidanLee is no longer in the business of business.

Many years ago (2005, I think) I attached the name "Briona Glen" to AidanLee and I registered a number of associated domains for when the time would come to really develop the business.  This "division of AidanLee" was assigned many different personalities over time; from a mountain resort to a racetrack to a recording studio.  We never quite got a hold on what we were going to do with it, until recently that is.  Building on the ashes of a previous AidanLee project, Briona Glen has come into its own.

Official as of this week, Briona Glen Publishing now takes over all business interests from AidanLee.  Of course, Briona Glen won't be doing any of the consulting services which AidanLee did in the past, but that's ok, really.  Briona Glen is a whole new company, a whole new team of people and we are focused entirely on publishing and all promotion and production work associated with bringing an author or musician/band to market.

So where does that leave AidanLee?  Motorsport, of course.  Racing, rallying, overlanding, offroading; anything at all to do with motorized activity and competition.  I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to call the public face of the company?  AidanLee Motorsport maybe.  I can't call it AidanLee Racing since we will be doing much more than just racing including staging long overland adventures, we hope.  Not sure if a company doing overlanding and offroading quite fits into the category of motorsport, though.  Maybe AidanLee Adventures.  Still have to make a final decision on that, I guess.

Oddly, I think the biggest challenge is going to be fixing my resume.  For years now I have had AidanLee on there as a technical company; now it's a motorsport company.  How ... odd.