Welcome to New England

Last Friday it was in the 100s.  108, to be precise and this was in Chelmsford, MA.  On Monday when I was driving home it was in the mid 60s (regrettably, I didn't stop to get a picture of that one).  It's actually been in the 60s for a few days now (with a short time in the 70s yesterday, as I recall) and now the temps are going back up with forecasts saying it's going to be in the high 80s by the end of the week.

Welcome to New England.  The weather here is nothing short of amazing at times.

It's times like these that one needs to pay close attention to their cars.  With high air temperatures the pavement temps tend to run even higher (tarmac hold heat fairly well) and if your tires are weak, the excess heat may damage them and cause a blowout.  Make sure the air pressure in your tires is correct as well.  Other than the tires, the engine needs attention.  I regularly check my engine temperature gauge anyway, but did so a bit more often on Friday.  My car might not be Italian made, but when it's in the 100s, there's still the risk of overheating.

It was nice to spend the day driving with my windows down and a comfortable breeze in the car.  I don't use A/C unless I have no choice, and even at 108, I just kept the windows down.  Be safe and keep hydrated and enjoy the driving.

Summer is a great time of year for those of us who love to drive ... but beware the weather.