Summer Theater in Wilton NH

Andy's Summer Playhouse is a play company for kids.  The entire production including much of the technical work is done by children ages 8 to 18 in a real theater experience culminating in a performance which runs for nearly two weeks.  Every show run will see many hundreds of people attending.  These are things of which lifelong memories are made.

The only positions held by adults are those which are dangerous (such as anything requiring power tools) and director positions which require more experience.  Adult supervision and direction is important to keep things on track and safe (of course) but the people who are full time with the theater are few; enough to make the experience wonderful for all.  The drive, enthusiasm and professionalism of the staff is amazing.  Behind them there is an all volunteer board of directors intent on giving everyone involved a great summer that they will never forget, whether the participants or the audience.

This summer the company produced three mainstage plays as well as a play lab series, which while still supervised, is 100% kid driven.  The kids involved with the play labs write the plays, direct them and are in charge of all aspects of making them happen all while being mentored by professional playwrites.  The lab series performances are short and incredibly enthusiastic.

This is where it all begins.  Many kids who thrive in this environment go on to college to study drama and performance.  From this stage anything is possible.