It’s Good To Be Home

After 18 days away, it's good to be back. I do rather like traveling, so much so I sieze the opportunity whenever I can, but through it all I am always happy when my road leads toward home.  

This particular trip took me to Utah on business. What time wasn't tied up with work was spent exploring the desert and the mountains around the Salt Lake City area which gave me a bonus extended test drive on a Chevy Equinox crossover/SUV which has really sold me on the type of vehicle, if not that particular model. I logged a few thousand miles of driving and had the opportunity to meet many different people and see many different sights foreign to New England.  

But once my time in Utah was spent, I happily boarded the plane and headed towards home looking forward to my own bed and seeing the family who regrettably could not join me on this trip. Eleven hours (or so) of airports and planes and I was on the ground in Manchester, NH.  

It's good to be home.

The transition from the desert to the north east was a little challenging