Just Follow Your Nose

I couldn't find a map, and I'd already left the computer.  Hmm.  Go back and look up a map and get details?  Or just get in the car and start driving and hope I remember?  Well, the latter, of course.

I had driven the roads before, albeit in reverse of the direction I was heading this time, and while I didn't have a map, I decided I would just drive see what happened.  I headed out the driveway of the hotel and turned East on the Interstate and started.  When I saw a connector road I had a feeling that was the road I wanted.  As it turns out, it was.  I followed that road for a few miles and saw a landmark I remembered.  A good sign.  I continued to follow the road as it made its way around the city.

Now, I should admit that I remembered a few details.  I knew that route number of the road I was looking for.  Ok, I remembered one detail.  That was really all I had; I knew the number of the road I was looking for.  As luck had it, the loop road I had grabbed was the right one and I saw the road I wanted.  Took the exit (rather slowly, as I wasn't sure how it was laid out; glad no one was on my tail) and found my way toward the correct road.

Once I had made it that point it was easy.  Getting to that particular point was the challenge.  From here, it was smooth pavement (and winding roads) to my destination; lunch.

Was this a case of I don't need to ask for directions?  Maybe.  I have been known to stop and ask for directions, but in this case, as I was driving alone and had no time schedule or anywhere to be, I had the luxury of just exploring and seeing what happened.  Don't do this in the bad part of town.  Or anywhere that's to far away from services, like fuel stations.  Or in a vehicle that's not reliable.

As a matter of fact, just don't try this at home; I'm a lunatic, errr, professional.  Yeah, that's it.