Utah Route 199

Utah route 199 between Terra and Rush Valley.

During one of my random perusals of Google Maps I noticed this little section of squiggly road way south of I-80 in Utah; a little nine mile section of Utah route 199 that passes over the ridge between Terra, UT and Rush Valley, UT.   This particular road is a long way from the Interstate, but I couldn’t resist.  Driving back from work one Saturday afternoon I hopped off I-80 at exit 77 and grabbed Route 196 south.  The road followed the mountains through Skull Valley south for 37 miles or so until it connects with route 199.  A hard left turn, and head towards the mountains, which loom 8 miles ahead.

Then into the pass.  This road goes for about 9 miles, crossing over the ridge into Rush Valley.  The speed limit is pretty low (40 MPH), but the road was enjoyable.  From Rush Valley I grabbed Utah route 36 north towards Tooele and back to Salt Lake City.

It was a long drive for an eight mile section of mountain road, but it was fun, just the same.  Enough fun (and a short enough road) that I turned around and drove back over the ridge, then turned around drove it again.  It was only eight miles, and only took about 14 minutes to cover the whole distance (at the speed limit; but hey, it’s a public road).

Now … to search for the next amusing little road to drive.