Dune Buggies

From Wikimedia Commons image archive
What an interesting memory.

Last night I watched a Scooby Doo episode with my youngest daughter (she's a HUGE Scooby fan) and Speed Buggy was a guest on the show.  I never watched Speed Buggy, although I remember it.  I always felt it was just a take off on Scooby Doo.  Given that the Speed Buggy plot was all around going from race to race to compete, I probably should have paid more attention.

But back to the point; dune buggies.  Growing up the 70s these things were quite popular, and I have tons of memories which surround them, even growing up in the north east.  I remember them being on many different shows, various toys and I remember wanting one, very much.  My father had numerous Volkswagen Beetles over the years, but they were always just Beetles.  The dune buggy was something else.  Something which definitely evoked an image of fun.  Probably the only vehicle from my youth I remember wanting more than a dune buggy was a Jeep.  I've owned many Jeeps over the years, learned to drive on a Jeep; but I never did have the opportunity to own a real dune buggy.

Strange to have this memory brought back to the surface after all these years; especially from watching a cartoon one evening with my daughter.  That just makes it more surreal, to say the least.